How lovely is my friend April?

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Happy second wedding anniversary to my friends Olivia and Shaun!


Thesis Parade 2k13 teaser


Watching Renn Fayre fireworks, Reed College, 2012.

My friend Olivia and her dog, François, 2009.


Renn Fayre fireworks, Reed College, 2012.

 aprilmarches replied to your post: prints and requests!

I will be buying a print! Once my moving-related spending calms down. I always think of that picture and that other picture you took of me and Jon on the bus freshman year as my visual bookends for college.

That is too sweet, April.

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prints and requests!

The “prints” link in my header now leads to a gallery featuring every photo I’ve posted here on Tumblr. Each photo I post here will be added to this gallery—meaning prints of it will be available for sale even if they weren’t before. So if you see a photo here, you can buy a print of it.

This is also cool because it means if you have an old favorite photo from my back catalog that you’ve always wanted a print of, or that you want to reblog in high quality, you can use my askbox to request it! (Of course, if you just want a print and don’t care about Tumblr, that’s cool too—it’ll just go in a separate request gallery.)

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Reed College Thesis Parade 2009. By request.

Reed College Thesis Parade 2012

See the rest on Facebook; buy prints at my website.